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Wilesco D24 Steam Engine with 110 V Electric Heater (Wilesco Steam Engines) $903.21
Wilesco D24 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $781.95
Wilesco T125 All Metal Steam Turbine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $725.95
Wilesco D320 Steam Lorry (Wilesco Traction Engines) $640.95
Wilesco D499 Showman's Engine with RC Control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $596.95
Wilesco D305 Steam Driven Fire Engine (Wilesco Traction Engines) $580.95
Wilesco D22 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $558.95
Wilesco D409 Showman's Engine (Wilesco Traction Engines) $527.95
Wilesco D419 Showman's Engine Kit (Wilesco Kits) $523.95
Wilesco Mighty Atom (Wilesco Traction Engines) $504.95
Wilesco D398 Steam Roller Black Nickel with RC Control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $497.95
Wilesco D21 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $487.95
Wilesco D396 Steam Roller Brass with RC Control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $487.95
Wilesco D430 Steam Locomobile (Wilesco Traction Engines) $477.95
Wilesco D395 Steam Roller Green with RC Control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $426.95
Wilesco D495 Steam Traction Engine with RC control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $426.95
Wilesco D161 Steam Engine With Accessories (Wilesco Work Shops) $421.95
Wilesco D141 Steam Workshop (Wilesco Work Shops) $393.95
Wilesco D20 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $387.95
Wilesco D368 Steam Roller Black-Nickel (Wilesco Traction Engines) $386.95
Wilesco D366 Steamroller Black-Brass (Wilesco Traction Engines) $381.95
Wilesco D406 Steam Traction Engine Black-Brass (Wilesco Traction Engines) $381.95
Wilesco D18 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $348.95
Wilesco D365 Steam Roller - Green (Wilesco Traction Engines) $344.95
Wilesco D405 Steam Traction Engine Blue (Wilesco Traction Engines) $344.95
Wilesco D16 Steam Engine Super Saver Set (Wilesco Steam Engines) $342.95
Wilesco D375 Steamroller Green Kit (Wilesco Kits) $334.95
Wilesco D101 with Workshop (Wilesco Work Shops) $332.01
Wilesco D16 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $311.95
Wilesco D455 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $268.95
Wilesco D10/100 Anniversary 100 Years Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $254.95
Wilesco D11 Steam Engine with Errector Set (Wilesco Steam Engines) $247.95
Wilesco D10 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $220.95
Wilesco D52 Marine Steam Engine (Marine Engines) $214.95
Wilesco D14 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $199.95
Wilesco D 5 kit with Science Project (Wilesco Kits) $163.95
Wilesco A 325 Wagon for D 320 (Wilesco Traction Engines) $159.95
Accessories complete D21 (Wilesco Parts) $138.54
Boiler for D 49 (Wilesco Parts) $136.45
Wilesco D6 Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $130.95
Wilesco D5 Steam Engine Model Kit (Wilesco Kits) $119.95
Gas tank for use with: D 48 (Wilesco Parts) $119.84
Turbine, complete, with pipe and nozzle (Wilesco Parts) $111.95
Water Pump Complete for D21 (Wilesco Parts) $104.95
Wilesco H50 Stirling Engine with Tea Candle (Wilesco Stirling Engines) $103.95
Z360 RC Control to steer steam roller (Wilesco Traction Engines) $99.95
M56 Model Plate - Workshop (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $97.95
Wilesco D3 Steam Engine Dry Fuel (Wilesco Steam Engines) $95.95
M78 Ferris Wheel (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $89.95
Water-Cart Black-Nickel (Wilesco Trailers) $89.95
Lumber Wagon Black-Brass (Wilesco Trailers) $84.95
M48 Round House with Horses (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $84.95
M84 Nostalgic Roundabout (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $84.95
Wilesco D2 Tea Candle Steam Engine (Wilesco Steam Engines) $83.95
M81 Castle Well (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $73.95
Lumber Wagon Blue (Wilesco Trailers) $70.95
Water-Cart Black-Brass (Wilesco Trailers) $70.95
M85 Organ Grinder (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $67.95
Accessories complete D20 (Wilesco Parts) $67.85
Accessories complete D22 and D18 (Wilesco Parts) $67.85
Water Cart Silver Black (Wilesco Trailers) $66.95
M77 Boat Swing (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $63.95
M87 Forest Workers (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $63.95
M88 Pump on the Village Green (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $63.95
M71 Roundabout with Globe (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $61.95
M95 The Striker (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $61.95
M50 Angle Transmission (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $60.95
M66/2 Dynamo with Streetlight (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $58.95
Complete Cylinder (Wilesco Parts) $56.70
M59 Eccentric Press (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $55.95
M70 Roundabout with Gondolas (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $54.95
M72 Elephant-Design Roundabout (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $52.95
Pressure Gauge D 24 (Wilesco Parts) $49.37
Cover Top for the A 325 Wilesco Wagon (Wilesco Traction Engines) $47.74
M83 Washerwoman (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $46.95
Z431 Team of Horses for D 430 (Wilesco Traction Engines) $46.95
M96 Welder with Dynamo (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $45.95
Accessory Pack D49 (Wilesco Parts) $44.95
Cylinder, complete, brass D366, 406 (Wilesco Parts) $43.68
Pressure gauge 30mm (Wilesco Parts) $40.13
M60 Hack-Saw (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $39.95
M86 Blacksmith (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $38.95
M97 Painter (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $38.95
Wilesco Covered Top for Wilesco D320 (Wilesco Traction Engines) $38.79
M49 Band Saw Operator (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $37.95
M57 Large Countershaft (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $37.95
M73 Woodcutter (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $37.95
M74 Shears Grinder (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $37.95
M75 Press Operator (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $37.95
M76 Carpenter (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $37.95
M94 Wood Cutter (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $37.95
Pressure gauge socket, brass (Wilesco Parts) $37.15
M63 Concrete Mixer (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $35.95
M66 Dynamo (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $34.95
Accessories complete D10,D101 (Wilesco Parts) $34.59
Accessories Complete D12 (Wilesco Parts) $34.59
Accessories complete D14 (Wilesco Parts) $34.59
Accessories complete D5,D6 (Wilesco Parts) $34.59
Z363 Supplement for RC Z 360 Forward Reverse Control (Wilesco Traction Engines) $33.95
M62 Drop Hammer (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $32.95
M51 Drilling Machine/Blue (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $31.95
Steam whistle with chain Brass (Wilesco Parts) $31.82
Smokestack,black D430 (Wilesco Parts) $31.76
Chimney for D305, D456 (Wilesco Parts) $31.40
M58 Blacksmiths Hammer (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $30.95
M61 Forge Shop (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $30.95
Z361 Steering Cable (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $30.95
M55 Countershaft (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $28.95
Lamp Complete with Base (Wilesco Parts) $28.30
M89 Potter (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $26.95
Accessory Pack D3 (Wilesco Parts) $26.19
M52 Two Wheel Grinder (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $24.95
M53 Circular Saw (Wilesco Steam Shop Accessories) $24.95
M79 Nostalgic Countershaft (Wilesco Carnival Accessories) $24.95
Flywheel 70 mm D5 (Wilesco Parts) $23.05
Factory Tour DVD (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $20.95
Smoke stack for D 18, D 22, T 90 (Wilesco Parts) $17.75
Smoke stack for D 20 (Wilesco Parts) $17.75
Steam supply valve Nickel Plated (Wilesco Parts) $15.05
Steam supply valve Brass (Wilesco Parts) $14.97
Steam pipe for use with D49 (Wilesco Parts) $14.00
Water gauge glass 37 mm Dia (Wilesco Parts) $13.80
Smoke Stack D5, D6 (Wilesco Parts) $13.64
Smoke Stack for D455 (Wilesco Parts) $13.60
Light Bulb for D18 Lamp and M 66/2 (Wilesco Parts) $13.31
Steam Supply Valve for the D416 Kit (Wilesco Parts) $12.64
Smoke stack, black D366, 406, 409 (Wilesco Parts) $11.68
Wilesco D141 Pillar (Wilesco Parts) $11.55
Smoke Stack D10 (Wilesco Parts) $11.50
Crank Disk with Bolt (Wilesco Parts) $11.45
Safety Valve Nickel plated M6 X 0.75 (Wilesco Parts) $11.36
Spring loaded safety valve brass. (Wilesco Parts) $11.36
Cylinder covering D20, D24 (Wilesco Parts) $11.17
Chimney for D14 (Wilesco Parts) $11.01
Steam Pipe D24 (Wilesco Parts) $10.76
Twin grooved pulley 25 mm (Wilesco Parts) $10.65
Piston Connecting Rod D18 (Wilesco Parts) $10.50
D5 Steam Line (Wilesco Parts) $10.45
Wilesco Catalogue (Wilesco Parts) $9.40
Piston with Rod D6 (Wilesco Parts) $9.20
Burner Tray D21 (Wilesco Parts) $9.00
Chimney for D12 (until 2000) (Wilesco Parts) $8.93
Dome Whistle - Brass for D106, D456 (Wilesco Parts) $8.78
Burner Tray for use with: D 5, D 6 (Wilesco Parts) $8.77
Ex Center Plate (Wilesco Parts) $8.67
D9 Steam Line (Wilesco Parts) $8.40
Smoke Stack D 365 (Wilesco Parts) $8.35
Smoke Stack D 405 (Wilesco Parts) $8.35
Water tap, brass A386 (Wilesco Parts) $8.30
Dome Whistle M5 Nickel (Wilesco Parts) $8.25
Metal Surround for 519, 520 521 (Wilesco Parts) $8.19
Z82 Flexible belts in 500 mm lengths pack of 5 pieces (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $7.95
Steam pipe (assembly)- D48 (Wilesco Parts) $7.48
Steam pipe (boiler) - D48 (Wilesco Parts) $7.20
Esbit 1 Pack (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $6.95
Set of washers M3-M6 (Wilesco Parts) $6.87
Grooved Pulley 38 mm outside (Wilesco Parts) $6.29
Slide Wall for the D 8 (Wilesco Parts) $5.99
Z80 Driving Belts 5 pack (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $5.95
Valve body case for 01600. (Wilesco Parts) $5.90
Valve body case for 01601. Brass D21 (Wilesco Parts) $5.90
Plastic Steam Supply Valve - Small. (Wilesco Parts) $5.72
Nickle Plated Cap for Chimney (Wilesco Parts) $5.43
mitre gear for M50 (Wilesco Parts) $5.24
Bees Wax Candles for D2 and H100/H110 (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $4.95
Shell 460 (Wilesco Accessories, Belts, Fuel) $4.95
Condensed Water Tray Black (Wilesco Parts) $4.87
Adapter, thread M6/M5 (Wilesco Parts) $4.85
Grooved pulley 24 mm diameter (Wilesco Parts) $4.85
Condensed Water Tray for D305 (Wilesco Parts) $4.20
Grooved pulley 14 mm diameter (Wilesco Parts) $3.95
Condensed Water Tray. (Wilesco Parts) $3.78
Funnel, long 40 mm-tube (Wilesco Parts) $3.45
Screw for oiler, Brass D21 (Wilesco Parts) $3.44
Z90 Advertising Leaflet (Wilesco Parts) $0.01

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